I HAVE always leaned towards a 'boho' way of life - from favouring a rather nomadic lifestyle to my choice in interiors and fashion. Quite apart from the excitement of going against the 9-5 droll, packing my bag and setting off on unplanned adventures to exciting and culturally-rich parts of the world, the relaxed and cosy nature of bohemian interior design is, to me, absolute perfection. 

The abundance of sumptuous 'touch-me' textures to the one-off treasures collected on adventures (or the local flea market) - each item seems to have its own unique story to tell and creates a cool and laid-back vibe.  

Since the 60s and 70s, boho style has never really gone out of fashion, it has merely evolved into what is considered today as 'modern boho'. Having spent years drooling over Scandi design and being allergic to any item of clothing which is neither black, white or a shade of grey, I have taken this a step further and adopted a 'monochrome modern boho' style in my house.

Morocco has become a home away from home for me over the last few years so many of my boho picks are from there and can be found on my online boutique. Think Scandinavia meets Morocco...

Here is a simple 6 step guide on how to create the look. 


Paint all the walls and ceilings brilliant white. This provides a fresh, tranquil and modern feel to a room and acts as a fantastic blank canvas for all your boho treasures.

White floorboards look beautiful with this look, but equally light wooden floorboards or a light concrete floor work really well too. My personal favourite is a light wooden parquet floor left unvarnished. 



These Moroccan beauties are an IT piece in both scandi and bohemian interior design at the moment. Hand-knotted by Berber tribeswoman in the Atlas Mountains using natural sheep wool, these make such a gorgeous and cosy statement with their monochrome geometric pattern and luscious thick pile.  


Plants, plants, plants! Get down to your local nursery pronto -  you really can't have enough of these in order to create the ultimate boho pad. From hanging plants to large potted cacti, big leafy numbers to an indoor herb garden. Anything goes. I am currently in the process of making an indoor living this space.

How to do monochrome boho


Textures are absolutely key. Layer them up, mismatch the patterns and choose natural and earthy materials. Crumpled linens and cottons, wood, wools and animal skins. All of these combined and you have yourself a wonderfully cosy and inviting boho living space. 


Statement black and white ceramics are a mega interiors trend for 2016. Go for handmade artisan pieces and these will go a long way to creating your monochrome boho haven. I have gone for Moroccan ceramics beautifully handmade and painted in Marrakech using traditional patterns. 



Morocco is well known for its stunning bohemian design and beautifully intricate interiors, all skilfully handmade by local artisans. The souks are simply bursting at the seams with these treasures like a mystical aladdin's cave. It's not surprising that for decades it has been the second home to many a boho babe.

Their traditional wedding blankets, known as 'handira' are a stunning piece of art  handmade using linen, cotton, wool and metal decorative discs. They make the most beautiful and indulgent bed spreads, wall hangings or rugs. 
Another must-have piece to complete your monochome boho abode is embroidered leather pouffes in white, black or tan.  
June 03, 2016 by Hattie Stock

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