Our Adventure 

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Bringing craft culture back to the West.  

Having travelled to faraway lands, the places I hold dearest are those bursting with vibrant craft culture. Craft is right at the very heart of these cultural identities. Every piece is handmade from materials available in their natural surroundings. And the makers methods have been passed down from generation to generation, infusing these magical treasures which a strong sense of heritage.

Our own craft culture has been lost over the years giving way to mass consumerism, machine-made products and synthetic materials. I'm on a big adventure to bring it back and I'd love it if you joined me! 

Hattie Stock, Founder



Working with Artisans.

Bardot Living has teamed up with talented artisans across the globe, both here in the UK as well as places like Morocco and Bali where there is a very strong and vibrant craft culture. We make their products available to the masses, providing awareness and helping to increase the artisans revenue. In turn this strengthens the craft industry.

We only choose pieces made from natural materials as we believe wholesome products create the happiest homes and bodies.


A wholesome, yet chic lifestyle.

Our collections bring you a wholesome yet chic lifestyle edit of natural craft treasures rich with culture and heritage, for your homes, wardrobes and bodies.